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Been too long…

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Well, mom is being slack, and I’ve finally taught the cat to turn on the typie thing so I can give everyone an update!

My new collar finally came so I can run around the yard by myself without mom constantly following me! My old one broke from the accident.  

I also got to go back to the dog park for the first time since the accident in November too! Mom took me in the greeting area and I was sniffin around and a smaller black dog came over to say “hi”. He wasn’t very friendly and mom had to grab his collar till his dad got there!  I just wanted to say “hi”!

I went back to sniffin along the fence and the other dog came back and jumped on me again. Mom stopped him again but I think his dad thought it was my fault cause I’m bigger than him…  mom decided it would be a better idea to go for a walk on the path instead.

The path was a little steep at the top, but I climbed and climbed! There was a brook running down the side so I could stop for a drink! We didn’t go far, but on the way back down mom gave me some help with my harness :).

When we got back to the car a nice man that my mom knows told us that the other dog had gone now, so I got to go back in! It was hot that day and I was a little tired already but I got to say “hi” to everyone! Then I flopped in the shade of the bench by mum’s feet. There was only one yappy guy I wasn’t in the mood for, but I think he had too much energy for everyone cause one little one named Pixie kept hiding behind me!

After laying in the shade a bit mom decided it was time to go home… there were SO many dogs there that when we were leaving I had to sniff everyone again to make sure I didn’t miss any!  One big guy even put his head down under my chest and was sniffin my stub!  I think mum was a little nervous cause he’s one of the more dominant guys, but he was just tellin me how cool it was that I’m a Tripawd!!

I think if I use my “food eyes” mom will get on the ball and post my new runnin videos!!

See you again soon!

Love, Xander

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9 Responses to “Been too long…”

  1. Dawn Simas says:

    Xander, you rock! Thanks for conning the cat into helping so that you could post an update, I’ve been wondering how you were…

    Looking forward to video!


  2. Carmen (Catie's Mom) says:

    Oh, it has been a while! Sounds like you had a great day, Xander, with all the playing and walking and socializing. Perfect.

    Thanks for the update. Look forward to some action videos.

  3. jack crowder says:

    Being a social butterfly is hard work!

    Just ask Cemil, he cruises all over the place and says, “Hey” to everybody.

    It’s nice to have a brook that close, and it’s OK to let your mom help with the harness. We know we don’t really need their help, but it makes them feel better, so let her help every now and again.

    Sounds like your doing just great, you take care.

    Shelby, the P.P.

  4. admin says:

    You are totally cool indeed, Xander. Can’t wait to see those videos! 🙂 Thanks for the update.

  5. cometdog says:

    Thank Dawg for cats! They are so clever!

    Can’t wait to see your cool stub, too! I can’t stiff it but I can check it out! Tell your mom to get crankin’!


  6. cometdog says:

    Hahaha! I meant, I can’t ‘sniff’ it!!!!!!

    I should proof read, that sounded naughty since I’m a little girl!

  7. jakesmom says:

    Hi Xander,

    Sounds like you had a good time at the doggie park… Can’t wait to see the videos of you in action!! 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  8. Opie says:

    Some dog park dogs are crazy. It’s your fault cause you’re bigger than the guy who jumped you? Sheesh. Some pawrent’s dogs.

  9. Xander Tank says:

    I think that’s what his pawrent thought too 🙁 He was a rescue and was being a little high strung with most of the dogs there… but I know LOTS of rescues with really good manners!

    When I came back I was a little on edge cause the first guy wasn’t very nice… but the other pawrents there were super nice and didn’t care that I was bigger than everyone and told my mom just to take me off lead so I could sniff around!

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