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Sock theif

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This morning didn’t start any different than the others, however, Xander finds at least one way to make me smile every morning.  This morning’s smile was preceded by the air of authority when I sternly tried to reacquire my socks!

Xander followed me to the bathroom as he does every morning for his usual session with the hair dryer… I dry may hair, he gets a once over with the dryer… but as he was hopping out of the bathroom I noticed that the sock that had been on the floor had vanished. I stepped in front of him and inquired “do you have mommies sock”? He paused and dropped his head which in “his” language means “crap, she caught me!”. I asked him to drop it and out popped a rather damp ankle sock. I stepped out of the way, plucked the sock from the floor, and deposited it on the counter. Xander proceeded to the living room, in my mind he was sulking…….. UNTIL I realized the other sock was also missing!

I stuck my head around the corner and called “Hey you!”…. in return I got the “who me” eyes…  I asked him if he stole the other sock too which he replied with a “chomp chomp”, and the end of the sock peeking out of his lips…  several minutes later he relinquished the now twice as wet version of the first sock and his morning mission was almost complete.

Not 5 minutes later while I was making lunch I could hear him bouncing on the floor behind me. I turned to find that he had “rescued” the sock from the bathroom counter….. the ransom had been set… I traded him for a piece of bologna.  🙂

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7 Responses to “Sock theif”

  1. Dawn Simas says:

    Oh Xander, you crack me up!! I know those faces you make, I’ve seen them before. 😉

    Be careful though, I’ve known two doggies that ended up in the hospital having socks cut out of their bellies, they will plug you up like a sponge if you swallow them! And we all know that your Mommy does NOT need any more stressful trips to the waiting room while you sleep on the doctor’s table.

    Keep up the fun antics and keeping Mommy on her toes though!


  2. cometdog says:

    Xander keep looking…one more and you’ll hit the trifecta!

    TIP when Sock Hunting: make sure they all match


  3. Xander Tank says:

    Mommy leaves socks everywhere for me! In her sneakers, the pile by the swishy thing that cleans them for me, and then in the basket too!!
    Socks are much more fun to pull on than swallow, but I’ll be careful with the little ones Dawn! *panting smily face*


  4. admin says:

    Too funny… sounds like Xander has been taking lessons from Oslo the sock eater! 🙂

  5. jerry says:

    Hahaha Xander! Good thing it didn’t come out the OTHER end!

  6. Opie says:


    Do not listen to Comet’s advice. Try to get socks that don’t match. That way, you can get an even better ransom…like bologna AND peanut butter. Silly Comet.

    PS. My mom’s sock drawer is broken, so it is hardly ever closed. I stuff my tater trap nearly every morning with as many as I can. Bwaaahahahahah. Hint: Break the sock drawer.

  7. Trina says:

    Oh Oslo you silly Tripawd! It’s much easier to get ransom from sticky slimy socks without the coughing! *and the look on mums face of eeeewwwwww is priceless!*
    She told her buddies at work about how smart I am and they suggested she start wearing sandals!

    Comet, the sock drawer is waaaay at the top! 🙁 But here’s a hint from one theif to another…. laundry pile socks!… it’s like their serverd on a platter 🙂

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