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Good Runner….

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Mom says I’m so strong now!  This is from a few weeks ago but I really like it!

p.s. mom’s not so good with the embed stuff – I bet she’ll try again next time!!

Sending some of my strength to all my Tripawd buddies!

Luv, Xander

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7 Responses to “Good Runner….”

  1. Opie says:

    Holy Crow!

    From a distance you wouldn’t even know Xander was a tripawd. Xander runs very smoothly, very gracefully. Nice.

  2. You are a pawsome runner Xander! You are super fast too! Keep up the good work! When my brother Peyton was still with us he always did better at a run rather than walking! Tripawds Rule!!

    Dillon and Rhys

  3. jakesmom says:

    Xander is looking great!!! Keep posting pictures and videos… I love seeing them!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  4. admin says:

    …mom’s not so good with the embed stuff.

    Just curious… ask mom if she is manually adding the link to that video page URL. If not, this theme may be converting it instead of allowing to WordPress automatically embed the movie.

    We just checked, and the Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin is activated on your blog. So if the auto-embed still isn’t working, just have mom use the small YouTube button in your post editor to easily embed the movies.

    Regardless, we love your movies! Hope this helps …

  5. Xander Tank says:

    Silly mums!! She “says” it must be the theme cause she’s tried it a few ways… I’ll do something “cute” tonight so she can try the Youtube” button thingy…. ;o)

  6. admin says:

    She “says” it must be the theme…

    Hmmmm… Sorry Mums, just tested video embedding with Misty Look here and it worked fine.

    Check your Dashboard -> Settings -> Media tab to see that the Auto-embeds option is checked and see if that makes a difference. If it is, just make sure you are pasting the Video page URL on a line by itself in the post editor without using the insert link button.

    Sorry to hijack your comments!

  7. jakesmom says:

    I’m using the Misty look theme too… and don’t have any problems posting videos… It’s pretty easy… Hope you can figure it out soon! I wanna see more videos of your cutie!!! 🙂

    Angel Jake’s Mom

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