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About Xander

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Xander Vom Eishenblick (Graves) was born on June 1st, 2008 and lives with his mum in New Brunswick, Canada.

His beast friends are Dozer (white and orange 4yr old tabby) and Scooby (almost 10yr old black and white giant furball). Xander and Dozer have a “I want to play with you but you’re so big and you squish me” relationship, while Xander and Scooby have a love/ hate one… as in Xander is quite content with his love of making Scooby hate him. On more than one occasion Scooby has chased Xander across the room or up the stairs, all the while batting (no claws) at his nose and hind end. Xander just squints and waits for his next opportinity to pounce!

His first love however is tartar busters, followed closely by his “man”.  Man is actually a yellow cuz (the balls with feet) that used to belong to my mom’s dog. Braden hid it in the woodpile AGES ago before he moved to NJ with mom… Xander found it and has been in love ever since. When he found it, “Man” was “Man with feet”…. then one day Xander got one of the feet caught in his crate and pulled it off.. he then became “Man with foot”, and I suppose became and AMPAWTEE!!  Once the first foot came off, the lightbulb came on.. and the other foot was not long following (on a side note, the “feet” are still kicking around and he regularly plays with just the feet!).

Xander is an all around clown. If you’re not paying attention to him he will pic a shoe from the entry and stand and stare at you with it.. his fav’s are sneakers and crocks.  Heaven help your crocks if you don’t notice his attempt to get your attention!

If not the crocks, then it will be your socks (must be a rhyming thing!). Xander can sniff out a pair of socks from 500 paces.. even ones that you think have been well hidden under the couch cushions from a previous attack – he’s not opposed to the ones that are still on your feet either… those ones also provide the amusement of seeing the human dance in the process of removal!

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2 Responses to “About Xander”

  1. I like your site design. What template did you use ?

  2. Xander Tank says:

    Thank you! I’m using “MistyLook” by Sadish 🙂

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