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I think Xander draws on all the positivity his new buddies are sending – I know I sure do!

Xander’s shoulder was the FIRST thing I noticed Tazzi, even I thought it was going too! He is VERY fortunate to keep his shoulder. Even after the accident it was the one part that he could always feel, and the only reason he was able to do stairs so well as his shoulder lifted his leg far enough to keep it from bumping on the stairs.
When he “stretches” his little stub flexes up and down. He does this a lot when his back feet are stompin side to side (or dancin as I call it) and he puckers his face in a big boy RRRRrrrrrrr! I truely think he gains some momentum from his shoulder!
The vet said that all his ligaments were so contracted that he was most likely in discomfort with every movement. NOW he is free to move and he loves it! Only ONE more Deramaxx pill left!

Before Xander’s accident every time he started “dancin” with his back feet David Bowie would come to mind and the song “You can dance if you wanna”… As of Friday the new version is something like this.. *Arf along if you know it!*…. “You can dance if you wanna, you can leave your leg behind… cause your leg don’t dance and if it don’t dance then it’s no leg of mine!”

And Holly… WOW is definitly ok to use over and over again!  I feel “WOW” every day that I still have my best friend… Xander sends GREAT BIG kisses to everyone who’s best friends are whole again and waiting for them on the other side of Rainbow bridge!! <3 <3

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2 Responses to “You can dance if you wanna….”

  1. Tazzie says:

    I Love the Song. Maybe it should be the new tripawds theme song, eh, Jerry? Lucky Xander, that’s for sure. In many many ways.

  2. Mackenzie's Mom says:

    Love the song too. I second that Tazzie as the tripawd theme song 🙂 Xander sounds like quite the dancer too. And couldn’t agree with you more – WOW is definitely a word to use every day we have with our tripawds. So glad to hear that Xander’s doing so well. Kami (Mackenzie’s Mom)

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