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Stapaws are out!

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Morning everyone!

Mum said I should give everyone an update on how I’m doin since I got my stapaws out! I think she just wants me to tell everyone about my new friends in the field beside our house!  I never really paid attention to them before, but something sparked my interest this time!

Tuesday was the day I was going with mum after she got home to get my stapaws out. That morning I wanted to show her just how good I’m doin! Mum’s friend took me outside for my morning romp in the yard and way at the back of the yard, the closest they have ever been, were 3 deers! I sat there watching them for a sec (and I think mums friend said “no” but I wassnt payin attention).. then their big white tails flipped up! I think they were sayin “Comeon!” cause when they started to run I did too!!

I ran and I ran, and I was runnin so fast! They wern’t runnin so fast, they just trotted down the field out of my reach.. I didn’t slow down though!  Mums friend was runnin behind me to saying “something” – I think she was tryin to catch them too! She must have poked her head in the house too cause mum was runnin behind her. I ran all the way down to the other end of the big field.. the deers went in the woods so I thought I should go back home.

I turned around and ran and ran back towards the house. Mum and her friend were calling me too, I think they wanted to play but they looked all tired. I was so excited that I was nipping at mum’s sleeve a bit and I keep forgetting she doesn’t like that. She had me by my scruff and sent her friend runnin towards the house – I was ok with her getting a head start cause I’m so fast! When mum let me go I sprinted after her.. she swqueeled and then was laughing cause I almost caught her! 

Mum wanted to go inside when we got back but I still wanted to play. I finally decided to go inside though, I was getting a bit tired. I relaxed for the day (from all the morning exercise!) and then when mum came home we went to see the vet lady – I love the vet ladies!  She looked at my stub some and took those itchy things out.. then I got a treat for sitting still on the black pad that tells them how big I am! Did I mention I love the vet!?

*The way mum sees it*

Xander loves deer. There is a 10 acre field beside the house where they like to hang out that continues into hills and valleys of woods. He used to sit, sometimes laying, for long periods at a time just watching them. This particular morning the deer were closer to the house than Xander has ever seen them – maybe the temptation to play was just too much!

The part where I came in was when the door flew open and I heard “Xander took off down the field after the deer!”. I flew outside with boots in hand and by the time they were on my feet he was half way down the field with my friend in hot pursuit! I started running too (as well as I could in snow boots). He didn’t turn to come back until he reached the treeline at the OTHER end of the field. When he reached me and became a little to “grabby” in his excitement I held him and sent my friend running for the house – when I “thought” she had a good head start I let him go and he took off like a shot! I hollered “he’s coming” and somehow she ran faster!

It took another 15 min to get him in the house – so much for making good time that morning :). I’m certain he slept well that day, and he was an angel at the vet’s as usual. Will post new video soon!

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9 Responses to “Stapaws are out!”

  1. admin says:

    Way to go Xander! Your little romp is a perfect example of Tripawd Power! 🙂 Congrats on getting those nasty staples out, and thanks for the great update.

  2. Carmen (Catie's Mom) says:

    Well done, Xander!

  3. jakesmom says:

    Yay Xander!! Sounds like you were having a great time!! It feels great to get those nasty itchy, pinchy staples out, doesn’t it!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  4. jack crowder says:

    Yo, sounds like a pretty good morning if you ask me, way to go! I think you earned an all day nap!!

    Shelby, the P.P.

  5. cometdog says:

    Nothing like some serious cardio to start the day!

  6. wyattraydawg says:

    Go get ’em buddy! You ROCK! Man, I love chasing deer. Rabbits. People. Dogs. You name it! We should get together sometime, I know it would be a blast.

  7. anyemery says:

    Way to go, Xander! Sounds like you had a blast with the deer! I think that all that exercise means you should get extra treats. You’re probably needing some extra nourishment now… 🙂 I’ll see if I can get my mom to go along with extra treats, too.


  8. Nice One Xander!! I likes the deers too!! even though they never waits for me to catch up! Sure sounds like you haven’t skipped a beat in your recovery! Keeps us posted buddy!


  9. Very good blog.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

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